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School Programs

Let us visit your school and complement your teacher's lessons with exciting, engaging, tech-based and sustainability-focused lectures.

About our School Programs


Our educational experiences are based on the Alberta curriculum. This allows everyone to learn important subjects, in a fun and engaging way without deviating from provincial standards. And we add our tech and sustainability twist for added value.

Tailored to your needs

We want to address your educational pain points and tailor solutions for them. Our process starts by talking to the school teachers', creating strategies and then designing presentations that will address the issues at hand.

Hands-on delivery

Hands-on learning is easier and more interesting. Our educators will teach the basics and Learners will be free to explore, collaborate and even ask for help. Now that is a true multi-cognitive approach to education. And it can happen in your school.

School Programs suggestions

Check some of our School Lecture pictures

Who wants to give Educators and Learners a good time?

We do! Check the fun activities in these in-school lecture sessions.

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