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Team Portrait

About Us

What makes Next Gen unique is that we teach and foster technology in a sustainable way. There is no better way to be prepared for the future.

Our Vision

To prepare learners for the next generation by awakening their true physical, social, emotional and spiritual potential by exposing them to innovative thinking that is science-based, technology aware, environment friendly and self-sustainable.

Our Mission

To empower learners by developing their natural talents, using cutting-edge teaching methodologies and technology that focus on creating a better and more sustainable future for the next generations to come.

Our Values

Collaboration: Allows us to achieve more than by doing alone. We believe that the people need to come together to pave the path for the future and collaboration is essential for it.


Inclusion: Great ideas come from everyone’s unique perspectives. In order to nurture collaboration, we welcome different ideas, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.


Holistic: This is how we see the next generation – many parts coming together as a whole. That’s why we approach education using concepts like STEM/STEAM, growth mindset and mindfulness.  


Sustainability: What is taught and learned must thrive long enough to make an impact on other people’s lives. We want to spread the seed of positivity that we are planting in our learners.


Harmony: The ultimate goal where a state of symbiosis is achieved between staff, learners, families and the communities we serve.

Our Motto

Unleashing learner's true potential, merging technology and the environment, to pave a positive and sustainable future!

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