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Resources to turn your child's boring afternoon into a learning and fun experience!


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Apps and Tech Fun

Looking for apps more educational for your children? Look no further! These are the apps Next Gen uses. And guess what? They are free!

Scratch Jr Icon.jpg

Scratch Jr is great for toddlers up to learn how to code!

Tablet Required.

Baby Games.jpeg

Bebi Games 2 is packed with activities for infants to toddlers.

Tablet Required.

Scratch Icon.jpeg

Scratch coding is a great coding site for kids who know how to read. 

Computer Required.

Kids in Library
Scratch Studio.jpg

Over 30 (and more being added) coding projects for the whole family or just kids to learn from. These are the projects Next Gen teaches in its programs and are a plate full of fun and learning!

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Wanna be part of it? Create your Scratch Coding Project and add it to our Studio :D

Book 1 - Danny the dog.jpg
Book 1 - The Storyteller and its stories.jpg
Book 2 - PJ Masks Secret Mission.jpg

Book 3 - Illustrations of pop culture references

(in creation)

Book 3 - Illustrations of pop culture references.jpg

Book 4 - Illustrations of pop culture references
(in creation)

Artificial Intelligence  created books

Yes, Next Gen's children created these books! Educators ask children what they want to write about and add the commands to A. I text and image generation and BANG! We have a book filled with stories that had input from all children in the program! Click on the images and download your copy.


Next Gen on Youtube

If you are a parent looking for interesting content that will take your parenting to the next level, look no further! Next Gen is on YouTube and our channel has many videos to inspire you on many trendy and important topics around child care. What are you waiting for? Click on the link, drop us a like and subscribe to our channel :D

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