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Here's a bit of information on what you can expect your child will do in our centre. From STEAM stations to Leadership opportunities, we hope your child develop and hone a passion for learning and socializing. 

Hands on Slime


Our cycling system will allow your children to experiment every activity our centre has to offer.

Alphabet & numbers learning

Circle time and leadership opportunities

Sensory activities & gardening

Drawing, painting, coloring and arts and crafts

Outdoor playground, Yoga & walks

💻Learning stations 💻

Our centre has 2 major age appropriate areas for children to explore STEAM. 

Scientific experiments that use design thinking

Numeracy & Literacy games as well as toys

Gross and fine motor skills busy boards and technology

Dramatic play that teaches about life cycle, the planet and recycling

Many Lego Educational kits for building and collaborating

Recycled Flower Pots

📖 Structured and🎈Unstructured Learning

Play-based or Montessori-like education? We offer both!

Lessons on life skills, such as tying shoes, focusing on tasks & more!

Tech sessions teaching about coding, robotics, electronics & more!

Structured learning sessions will happen at least once a day

Free play will be focused on children's interests

Educators will capitalize and encourage children to learn & grow.

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