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STEAM Activity Series - Rocket Balloon Experiment

This balloon rocket STEAM activity from  will teach our preschoolers and kindergarteners the basic principles of kinetic and potential energy or the Law of Motion.


·       balloons

·       string

·       straw

·       tape

·       air


·       In this activity, you will need a spacious space to launch your balloon rocket.

·       Tie one end of the string into something strong or heavy object.

·       Then, insert the other end of the string through the straw. Tie the end of the string of the straw to another heavy object. Make sure the string forms a straight line.

·       Blow up a balloon about halfway and pinch the end so the air will not escape.

·       Use a tape to fasten the balloon.

·       Release the balloon and let it fly like a rocket.

·       Let them try again and inflate a balloon in different sizes (this could be applicable for group work).

·       Release the balloon and let them observe how far the balloon will go.

Skills Developed:

·       Hand-and-Eye Coordination

Letting the kids do the activities by themselves like tying the balloon, inserting string through the straw and pinching the balloon will develop hand and eye coordination.

·       Critical Thinking Skills

The children can predict what causes the balloon to fly. When the air rushes out of the balloon, it generates a force that pushes the balloon to move or fly.

·       Teamwork

If the activity is done in a group, setting up the balloon rocket will promote cooperation and teamwork.

Learning moment

·       Forces and Energy

Great experiment to talk about how things move and why. Cars move because they turn the fuel energy into movement. We have power in our houses because we convert, for example, solar energy into electricity, light, heat and much more. In our world, just like the balloon, we need to use energy to do something. And how did we make the balloon move? We transformed our muscle's energy into movement. And where did our muscles get energy from? Food! And where does food (i.e. a veggie) take its energy from? The sun! And where does the sun create its energy from? Chemical reactions burning.

A bit more about energy here. A bit more about forces here.

Written by Jennifer Lee

College of New Caledonia Student

Digital Content Creation Course

Professor Melanie Law

Edited by Nikolas Zetouni

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