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STEAM Activity Series - Dyeing Flowers

If you are looking for activities for the Spring season, this flower experiment will be fun for kids.  Taming Little Monsters will teach the concept of how water is transported into plants.


·       white flowers with stems (maximum of 4)

·       food colouring (different colours)

·       glasses or vases (1 for each flower)

·       scissor


·       Fill up each glass or vase with water. Then add food coloring to each glass.

·       Trim the end of the stem of each flower, making sure the stem will absorb the water.

·       Place each flower in the glass, making sure the stem is submerged in the water.

·       Wait for 30 minutes or soak the flower overnight to see a fantastic result the next morning.

Skills Developed:

·       Patience

Kids will practice patience as they wait for the flowers to change their colours.

·       Observation Skills

Kids will practice observing, recording, and noticing changes in the flowers over time.

·       Critical Thinking Skills

The experiment encourages kids to think about why the flowers change colour. They will start to understand the “cause and effect relationship” that adding colour to the water affects the flower’s colours.

Learning moment

·       Comparing systems

Is there a system in place that allows the water to be distributed from the stem up to the petals? Yes, there is! Plants have their series of "pipes" (aka vascular system) that allow water and food to be distributed throughout the plant. The same happens with humans, we have our arteries and veins. And, funny enough, we humans developed similar systems to distribute water in cities! It is funny how we can find things that we create that already exist in nature or vice versa.

Written by Jennifer Lee

College of New Caledonia Student

Digital Content Creation Course

Professor Melanie Law

Edited by Nikolas Zetouni

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