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ChatGTP, Artificial Intelligence and STEAM-What an Exciting Future!

Did you know that computers are now able to program themselves (Hutson)? Computer programing was once thought of as the premier job of the future, that job is now being done by Artificial Intelligence. Times are changing fast! Parents can prepare for the future by embracing the STEAM learning model. Use this model and harnesses the power of after-school programming and individual tutoring for children.

Everyone has seen headlines in the press regarding ChatGPT. Parents are wondering how they can take advantage of this exciting new technology. Here is a link to a CBC interview. You can hear discussions from student debaters on the pros and cons ChatGPT artificial intelligence technology. The short video brings up important questions regarding both student ethics and the overall future of employment.

We want your children positioned to benefit from the stunning growth unfolding in the economy. While there is an element of uncertainty in the future, there is also a great opportunity. Emerging industries will need leaders and we know your children can be one of them. Parents are taking bold steps to prepare their children for a brighter tomorrow, but they are also wondering what the economy will look like in the future.

Here are the four key skills employers will be looking for in the future (Lai 4:13).

  • Thinking Critically

  • Thinking Creatively

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Interacting Effectively

STEAM - The Core Building Blocks

By focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics you shape core building blocks for your child. These building blocks help to create the four key skills listed above. These skills will have a transformative effect on your child’s ability to make meaningful contributions allowing them to have a big impact on new ideas.

We have powerful options to supplement your child’s technology education: tutoring, clubs, and private lessons. Participation strengthens your child’s skills in critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. While they also learn the core concepts of science, technology and engineering and mathematics. These higher-level core building blocks are key to advancement in the future.

Robotics, Coding and Virtual Reality (VR)

Let your child discover coding and robotics, where they can develop knowledge in these important subjects. They can also have fun exploring other worlds in VR. This is where fun and learning merge while children have a blast using the latest technology. VR is a terrific way to explore!

Our goal is to stimulate children’s imagination and give young minds the opportunities to explore, grow and learn! We are education leaders and offer the highest quality afterschool programming in technology education services. Our education specialists work with parents to develop the best programming for your children.

At Next Gen EduCare we lead the way by offering targeted resources to develop your child’s abilities to be creative, open, and curious. We have the right programming and the right tools to encourage your child’s growth and enjoyment in STEAM fields.

Both kids have developed great skills and were excited to have their next lesson.” “We highly recommend Next Gen EduCare.” -Salima Shivji

Have Your Questions Answered Today

Book a consultation with one of our education specialists and discover what we have to offer you and your child. They can answer your questions regarding programming, cost, and scheduling.

Parents can purchase a package of private lessons.

There is no better way to prepare your child for the future than teaming up with Next Gen EduCare. We are building a brighter tomorrow for your children through STEAM programming.

We are enthusiastic about your children’s education, the future and technology!

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