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What makes us unique

Find the definition of our differentials and why they are so important to your children development and their future. 

Children Arriving at School

Structured vs Unstructured Learning

Hybrid learning is becoming more common in many levels, not only in-person and online. Here's a few "whys" we offer structured and unstructured activities. 

Free play promotes independency and discover of interest (article).

Structured play allows for consistent development and creation of routines (article).

Hybrid models bring the best of both worlds, giving your children possibilities on what they can be best at.

Whether you want your child to be school-ready or have a great time, Next Gen has both options for you.

STEAM Education

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It is a way of thinking that breaks barriers between areas of knowledge.

Children develop observational skills, critical thinking and more if exposed to STEAM (article).

Early exposure to STEAM have positive outcome in children's future and choices (article).

STEAM allows children to think interdisciplinary (article).

Next Gen STEAM curricula is created in-house and focused on your children's interest.

Building a Robot
Children in Science Class

Environmental Consciousness

Tech is advancing fast but it is important to remember our roots and connection with our planet so we can care for ours and future generations. 

Children who learn about their impact in the world tend do be more empathetic towards... well basically everything (article).

Understanding the planet and how we contribute for it can promote better physical and mental health (article).

Next Gen environmental education focus in small things that any children can do, such as planting and nurturing plants.

If children are interest in more, we can teach fairly advanced concepts such as ecology and environmental sciences on their level of understanding. 

Multi-language exposure

Did you know that 23% of the Canadian population are foreigners? We want our children to celebrate that multiculturalism by embracing it.

Being exposed and learning other languages can promote better social understanding (article). 

Being exposed to many languages might help a child to actually learn one (article).

Our staff s multicultural and ready to share their culture and language with your children.

Our goal is to normalize multi-culturalism and make children more accepting of differences. 

Building a Robot
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