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🔥 Current offerings🔥

Day camps

The highlights

🗓️ 1 week of camp

🕛From 9AM to 3PM

🎮Before and After care optional

Grades K-2: Building Kidditown

Indulge your children into this engineering camp where campers will build Kidditown. Campers will have to develop blueprints, create roads, buildings and much more. Collaboration is key and campers will be pushed to their limits while building their dream town.

Grades 3-6: 3D Design & Game development

We all know that children love games, so why not use them as a learning tool? Join us in this camp that shows children all the steps of game development from multiple

angles. From Indi games from the 80’s to complex 3D designed graphics, this camp will take children on a journey where games are a very serious business.


The highlights

🗓️ Any weekday

🕛1-2 hours

🎮Virtual Reality (VR) focused

For Educators

Implementing VR in the classroom

This workshop aims to make educators comfortable with VR use, showcasing apps for educational purposes as well as blending activities to the Alberta Curriculum.

For Learners

A taste of Educational VR

This workshop aims to showcase different uses of VR for education using apps that are currently being used by multiple industries, from architecture to social media. Learners will be guided through projects and will have the opportunity to showcase their results.

School Program

The highlights

🗓️ Suggested 2-3 Weekdays

🕛1-2 hours per day

🎮Based on ENS Alberta Curriculum


Building a greener future with Solar Punk

Solar punk is a genre that envisions how the future might look if we succeeded in solving environmental problems such as climate change and pollution.  Campers will work on projects to bring Solar Punk to life, learning about sustainability and using technology to solve environmental problems.


Learning objectives

  • Understand how to use resources.

  • Learn ways to live/grow/build sustainably.

  • Balance the cost-benefit of resource use and economic growth.

  • Learn the basics of block coding, robotics, design and systems thinking.


Technology used

Lego SPIKE, Block Coding, Minecraft and TinkerCad.

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