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🔥 ELCC Workshops 🔥

Scratch & Scratch Jr

The highlights

🗓️ Any weekday/weekend

🕛3 hours

🎮Scratch & Scratch Jr (Tablets & Laptops)

💸$119 per person

Bringing block coding to all ages

Block coding is a great entry point to coding for children of all ages. Scratch and Scratch Jr (both developed by MIT) are great tools to unleash children's creativity while learning to code. This workshop will introduce Scratch and Scratch Jr while teaching childcare educators how to create creative projects that can be incorporated into their center's routines.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Scratch and Scratch Jr user interface.

  • Learn about the main 5 types of block codes.

  • Finish at least 3 projects.

  • Master the block coding project tool for use in educators' routines.

Minecraft Educational

The highlights

🗓️ Any weekday/weekend

🕛3 hours

🎮Minecraft Educational (laptops)

💵$119 per person

Get into your children’s favourite game

Minecraft is considered one of the most played games by children nowadays. Its open-world concept is great for gaming and education as well. This workshop aims to introduce and demystify Minecraft while teaching educators how to use this tech as a part of their routine in their childcare facility.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of Minecraft game and coding.

  • Learn about the main block codes used in the game.

  • Finish at least 3 coding projects using regular coding, agent and Redstone.

  • Master the Minecraft project tool for use in educators' routines.

System Thinking of your Centre

The highlights


🗓️ Any weekday/weekend


🕛2 hours

💵$99 per person

Have you ever wanted to know more about your organization?

Many childcare workers are not familiar with the intricacies of a childcare business, leaving it to the owner, director or manager. However, understanding the “whys” of any business can give anyone an edge and that is the premise of “Systems Thinking” – understanding an organization from bottom to top or even how to approach your superiors to understand more.

Learning objectives

  • Give attendees a broad perspective on how any childcare business work from a Manager/Owner perspective.

  • Share tools on how to better interact with upper management.

  • Have an open discussion and case studies with all attendees.

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